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New.. but got a funny story

Hi I'm new to this community but i have quite a funny story..  I always tell this drunk story because its always so funny..  It was not actually me who made an ass of myself..  But It was there for it and caused some of it..

My friend, her friend Kasey, and i were getting ioff work (we worked in  Sports restuarant and accross from an Irish Pub)   we sat down and drinking with the guy I was dating, two of his friends, and julee's  brother..    so they were like we're going to chris's house to go smake and chill come by later if you guys want..  We were liek whatever.. we actuall wanted to fuind better things to do but figured we'd come by.. So first we decided to go drive to our favorite Pizza place which was on the way to his house..  So we had Julees's car but Kasey was driving because Julee was wasted..  LOL...  So anyway on the way their me and Juleee really ahve to Pee..  but there  is no where to stop and Julee rwally had to go (she's a really mean drunk i have many stories including her)  So we pulled into the back of something in was like  a restuarant dock... or something.. so me and Julee are squatting on the side of the dumpster peeing.. when this manly lookly security lady comes out we can't hide because our car is obivously there with kasey in it.. so we run back to the car.. I get in the passanger side..a nd I hear the back door open and close.. Kasey starts pulling back slowly.. when she hits something.. we get out the car to check what it is... Julleee pops up from no where .. we swore she was laying int he back seat..  She she jumpand the car and yells pull off. so we do.. we're in the Car and she's like"you bitches ran me over"  we're like why were you under the car?   she's like I wasn't  I dropped soemthign and went to pick it up....  we're like why did you open the car door and  close it.. all she says is you bitches hit me my ass hurts.. She's in the Car pulling down her pants showing us her ass.. eventually she shuts up about it.. so we think it passed..      So we go get pizza.. Go to the guys house .. They're watching some movie.. high and blank loooking one of them is passed out.. So we come  in me and Kasey sit quietly...  al of sudden Julles starts in These Bitches ran me over with my own car.. Look at my asss.  She continues to pull her pants down and show her ass to all of them.. being that she's drunk she wasn't stable enough to just pull the back down.. so they saw all her..goodies needless to say.. her brother was traumatizes.. .
 the next day she didn't remembr all she knew is we hit her and her ass hurt .. lOL
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