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When they say not to mix them...

This isn't terribly shocking, but it was pretty funny.

A couple years ago, I took some cold medication. An hour or so later, having completely forgotten that I did this, I cheerfully consumed a margarita the size of my head.

For the first little while, everything was still good. But then something strange happened.

We were playing a card game called Dutch Blitz, where the idea is to play all your cards very fast onto various piles in the middle of the table. There are no turns - everyone just plays all at once.

As I kept playing, though, I started to get this strange feeling like my arms were getting longer and longer. My hands felt ridiculously far away. I started moving slower, cause it seemed impossible that any messages would be able to get down my arms, which at this point felt like they were about 6 feet long.

Eventually, the whole game stopped, because I was just sitting there with a stupid grin on my face, staring at my hands. Any attempts to explain what was so fascinating about them just dissolved into giggles.

The moral of this story has since become my Drinking Rule #3: When they say not to mix the medication with alcohol, they are not kidding.
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